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    Megan Nicole ( fell in love with music at a young age, after receiving a karaoke machine as a gift.

    It was then she learned she was able to sing and has a passion for it.

    It's also what helped take her mind off senseless bullying she endured in school.

    Megan is a petite 22-year-old, and describing her as anything but "cute as a button" would be blasphemy.

    She's warm, kind and yes, small, which is what a majority of the scrutiny revolved around.

    "I got teased a lot for my body type.

    Going through sixth to eighth grade, going through those transitions in life...

    I was late to the game," said Megan.

    "And guys would tease me for having a flat chest or no chest."

    She was also not included in activities because of how she looked and because she wasn't dating anyone.

    "It sounds like something out of a movie, maybe they got it from a movie, I don't know! I sat down at a table and a girl told me I couldn't sit there because I wasn't a part of 'the Pretty Committee,'" said Megan.

    "And it was also because I didn't have a boyfriend at the time."

    But Megan used her perspective to drive her narrative.

    Instead of feeling bad for herself, she looked at the situation in a different light.

    "I thought, 'I'll wait to date when my mom doesn't have to drive me to the movies,'" said Megan.

    She relied on her core group of friends, her family and her faith to keep her confident, but there was also a quote that helped her get through the rough patches.

    "Think less and thank more.

    It means not sitting there and dwelling...

    but giving thanks for all the positive things in your life."

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